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Tatry - Murzasichle, Zakopane



12.04.2019 Robin Hood after reconditioning


For more information call no. These. 18 207 5051 or 691 166 005 Welcome to the beautiful chalet in which poczujeszsie as at home

25.10.2012 Cottages in the Tatras-year overhaul and improvements

Going against the expectations of our guests, the last 12 months was spent on improvements and repairs at our resort, if You visited us in the past and were pleased to cordially invite you to visit Houses in the Tatras currently, many suggestions and advice that provide us the guest has been deployed in force to raise the standard of services...

25.10.2012 Special for our guests we have prepared a database of tourist attractions in the region

We encourage you to browse our database of attractions of the Tatras, it is a collection of many very interesting and attractive places in our region, where the watch or experience we offer. Places such as the thermal swimming pools, sports and leisure complexes, lifts, valleys in the National Park and the high mountains will surely spice up your...

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Domek do wynajęcia - Zakopane MurzasichleDomek do wynajęcia - Zakopane MurzasichleDomek do wynajęcia - Zakopane MurzasichleDomek do wynajęcia - Zakopane Murzasichle

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Tourist attractions
Tourist attractions


The name of the village
Because many of our customers is interesting place name and its location, we want to provide you with more information on this topic is a village in Murzasichle, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, within Tatra County, in Gmina Poronin. Murzasichle is located near Zakopane, on the edge of the Tatra National Park at an altitude of 820-950 m above sea level, in the southern part of the Rocky Podhale between Zakopane and Bukowina Tatrzańska. Murzasichle as the village exists since 1630r. The central part of the village, situated on the hillside stretching along ul. Sądelskiej is called by the locals For Sichłą. In this part of the village, among others. Church, school, post office, pharmacy, OSP Murzasichle, BUS stop. The Murzasichla are also settlements Capówki, located in the upper part of the street. Sądelskiej and Budzów Wierch (here are the Houses in the Tatra mountains), located on the parallel Hill in a westerly direction. Currently, due to the dense body, all 3 parts of the village are no longer together. Murzasichle adjoins with the following villages and with hamlets: Majerczykówka (belonging to the Poronina), Hay Hamry (Poronina), a small, quiet, Toporowa Cyrhla (belonging to Zakopane). From all listed pellet Murzasichle is separated by forests, with the exception of Majerczykówki, which houses directly adjacent to the buildings of the Budzowego Hill. The name of the village speak Wall-zaśichle (letters " r " and " with " we read separately; the letter " and " softens " s "). Locally the town is also called...
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