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Tatra Attractions

A collection of the most interesting and worth seeing places in the Podhale region

Dolina Chochołowska

The name of its Valley has witnessed several kilometres distant village Chochołów. The village already in the 16th century was the area of the Mountains between Wołowcem and Bobrowcem. Thanks to the presence on the large surface of the meadows and hal, it became the largest centre pasterstwa in the Tatras. In 1930, 70 juhasów wypasało it ok. 4,000 sheep, in addition, 280 pastuchów wypasało cattle. Huge also was number szałasów, the huts serving refreshments and shelters.

The longest and largest Valley in the Polish Tatra mountains, located on the western edge of the Polish Western Tatras. Occupies the area of more than 35 km square and has a length of CA. 10 km, is the Valley of the walną. Administratively it lies within the village of Witów.
In the lower part, with a length of CA. 4 km a deep gorge where there are neck, called gateways: Niżnią Chochołowską Gate and Wyżnią Gate Chochołowską. The upper part of the Valley splits into three main branches: The Starorobociańską, The Chochołowską Wyżnią and The Jarząbczą. In addition to these main branches Dolina Chochołowska has several smaller: the Valley of the Huciańska, Dudowa, Iwaniacka, Trzydniowiańska, Long, Covered, Głębowiec, Bobrowiecki Gorge, Dolinczański Gorge, the Great Koryciska, Small Koryciska, Small Dry Valley, the great Dry Valley.

Murzasichle-the name of the village

Because many of our customers is interesting place name and its location, we want to provide you with more information on this topic is a village in Murzasichle, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, within Tatra County, in Gmina Poronin. Murzasichle is located near Zakopane, on the edge of the Tatra National Park at an altitude of 820-950 m above sea level,...

Dolina Kościeliska

Dolina Kościeliska is the second largest Valley after the Polish side of the Tatras – in this respect, the disc space only Valley Chochołowskiej. This walna Valley, i.e. one that stretch from the Tatras until after their spine, is 9 km long and CA. 27 km wide, giving powierzchnię 35 km2. It is worth noting the fact that Dolina Kościeliska is...

Float Dunajcem

Gorge in Pieninach is certainly one of the most scenic views in the whole of Poland. Dunajec River, which is a wikimedian, is amazing and attracts like a magnet for tourists with Polish and foreign. Oplatając enormously high tops Pienin creates fantastic landscapes. The largest tourist attraction of the region is famous not only in Poland, float...

Polana Szymoszkowa Ski-Station and a swimming

Polana Szymoszkowa is one of the most popular ski slopes around Zakopane. There are three lifts and two chair lifts (4-and 6-passenger seater stands). To the clear advantages of the slope should be classified as artificial snow, convenient access and possibility of parking the car in the same statement and the routes of varying difficulty jumping....

Aquapark Zakopane swimming pools

Practically in the Centre of Zakopane, in 2006, opened the complex of swimming pools, in which simultaneously with the aquatic playground may use around 1000 people. Tourists may use both internal and external swimming pools located on the terrace. Swimming pool wewnętrzy is intended for fans of the sport-you can freely go boating. Has an area of...

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Domek do wynajęcia - Zakopane MurzasichleDomek do wynajęcia - Zakopane MurzasichleDomek do wynajęcia - Zakopane MurzasichleDomek do wynajęcia - Zakopane Murzasichle

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