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A collection of the most interesting and worth seeing places in the Podhale region

Murzasichle-the name of the village

Because many of our customers is interesting place name and its location, we want to provide you with more information on this topic is a village in Murzasichle, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, within Tatra County, in Gmina Poronin. Murzasichle is located near Zakopane, on the edge of the Tatra National Park at an altitude of 820-950 m above sea level, in the southern part of the Rocky Podhale between Zakopane and Bukowina Tatrzańska. Murzasichle as the village exists since 1630r. The central part of the village, situated on the hillside stretching along ul. Sądelskiej is called by the locals For Sichłą. In this part of the village, among others. Church, school, post office, pharmacy, OSP Murzasichle, BUS stop. The Murzasichla are also settlements Capówki, located in the upper part of the street. Sądelskiej and Budzów Wierch (here are the Houses in the Tatra mountains), located on the parallel Hill in a westerly direction. Currently, due to the dense body, all 3 parts of the village are no longer together. Murzasichle adjoins with the following villages and with hamlets: Majerczykówka (belonging to the Poronina), Hay Hamry (Poronina), a small, quiet, Toporowa Cyrhla (belonging to Zakopane). From all listed pellet Murzasichle is separated by forests, with the exception of Majerczykówki, which houses directly adjacent to the buildings of the Budzowego Hill.

The name of the village speak Wall-zaśichle (letters " r " and " with " we read separately; the letter " and " softens " s "). Locally the town is also called Sichła (Sichle) or most commonly For Sichłom (Siychłom).

In dialect podhalanskiej sentences such as lives in Bukowina Tatrzańska, goes to Murzasichla, making people from all over the Murzasichla. formulated on the basis of dialect of middle names: sitting for Siychłom, jedziy for Siychłe, they came ludziy całyj Siychły zzo.
Residents of Murzasichla in the dialect is Sichlanie and (with the settlements of Budzów Wierch) Budzowianie or Budzowiany.
The name itself is derived from the combination of two names of settlements: Mur and Zasichle. By the area of the current village was once a small river called " Sichła ". Near the River was the village, whose name comes from its location " Zasichle "-by the River Sichłą. First name particle-" wall " from the name of the village lying close to the Zasichla-" Wall ". When two villages merged with each other was a settlement named " Murzasichle ".
And version: has it give that roughly 400 years ago came from the vicinity of Nowy Sacz man named Luke Sądelski. He arrived here to find shelter before pursuing him law pańszczyźnianym. He lived on the territory of present-day Capówki, which then called Cyril. Built with the help of their 4 sons House of pnioków, which in the local language Highlanders means building with round logs, felled by using axes and saws. Joints between okrąglakami uszyli Moss forest. The sons of Sądelskiego, as also their father, they were human beings well built, high growth and an enormous force, and hence the local Highlanders called them sichłą, from the word force. Luke his sons Łukaszczykami and hence the name is so common here in Bukowina Tatrzańska-Łukaszczyk. In the area of today's Wall by Stasikówce there were a few, apparently six homes. The inhabitants of this village wanted to create together with the inhabitants of Sichły. It happened there misfortune due to an epidemic, died there (on the wall) all the people and hence the word for death, and so-mor, or disease, this settlement was called the wall. -Long until World War II, wall and Zasichła were one troop, residents Of communal affairs they fixed on sołtys in Bukowina Tatrzańska. These two villages connected the spelling in this way: Wall-Zasichła. After World War II, when the Wall was administratively M84 Stasikówka, Sichła received the name today-Murzasichle.

II version: suppose that this name originated from a Tatara Murzy, is the only legend Murzasichle is the name of the combined, however, with many of this type is quite popular in the Podhale region. The name Murzasichle consists with three parts: the wall-for-sichle. Wall-is the former name of the village, also in this area. " Sichła " means according to some sources the soppy las, according to others: the mist or fumes when sitting in the Valley or on the marshes, moors etc. The whole name is borrowed from the language of his "Letopiseţ" manuscript whose settlement rozprzestrzeniało in a 15th-17th century, the present-day Romania along the ridge of the Carpathian Mountains to the West, leaving these areas a lot of names, but today they are incomprehensible for us.

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Domek do wynajęcia - Zakopane MurzasichleDomek do wynajęcia - Zakopane MurzasichleDomek do wynajęcia - Zakopane MurzasichleDomek do wynajęcia - Zakopane Murzasichle

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